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Our Vision

To see all Australian Hazara Students are accomplishing their academic and professional goals and making valuable contribution to Australian society. 


Our Mission

To promote and assist young Hazara migrants and refugees in Australia achieve their full potentials through highest level of education, and to enhance integration of Hazara refugees into mainstream Australian society.


 Australian Hazara Students Group will aim to take the following initiatives to achieve our mission.

  • AHSG will provide free tutoring classes to help out students in their studies.
  • Students will be given an insight into tertiary qualifications and a clear understanding of various ways to get into universities and TAFE courses.
  • AHSG will promote educational awareness, self motivation and unity amongst Hazara students in every state of Australia.  
  • AHSG will assist  International Students in facilitating their studies.
  • AHSG will participate in matters and issues that have an impact on Hazara community. The group will be a leader in responding to the current issues that affect the community, and will be a representative of the community at all times.
  • The group will publish its own newsletter, and endeavour to launch a radio service for the community.