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Australian Hazara Federation

Delegates from over 15 organisations and associations representing Hazara communities in various Australian states and territories had gathered in Melbourne on October 30 and 31, to formally establish the Australian Hazara Federation. The Federation aims to raise the issues facing Hazara communities across Australia at the Federal level. One of the objectives of the Federation is also to empower Hazara youth through education, enlightenment and engagement. 

Australian Hazara Students Group actively participated in the two day convocation. We nominated our President, Abbas Hazara for the post of Youth and Education. Mr. Hazara secured that position after receiving an overwhelming support from the many various member associations. We also presented a number of recommendations to the newly established Council. AHSG’s vision for the Australian Hazara Federation were:

  • The formation of an Australia wide student body of the Australian Hazara Council, which is run and governed by university students.
  • This student body should have a representative in the management committees of the Federation. 
  • This student body will work to promote educational awareness in Hazara youth through various educational activities, and by providing them with valuable support throughout their educational lives.
  • The formation of a separate body of preferably youth, and particularly university students, to work in the area of cultural awareness in Hazara people. 
  • This body of youth should – in cooperation with associations or individuals that are already working in the cultural arena – organise such events as radio programs, drama, concerts, seminars, competitions and other cultural activities to promote our culture and language to the wider Australian community.
  • Empowerment and emancipation of Hazara women - The Federation should work to promote the rights and freedom of Hazara women. 
  • Contribution to our adopted home, Australia – The Federation should be a bridge between the Hazara community and the Australian community at large. 
  • It must be the voice of Hazara people at the political, social, cultural, educational and recreational (sports) fronts.
  • It should liaise with the Australian Government, community and human rights organisations, media, and businesses to promote our rights and culture, and to establish a long lasting relationship with them.
  • A full and formal recognition of our Stars – The Federation should acknowledge and appreciate- through proper and formal procedures- the contribution of our talented men and women that have made extraordinary achievements in education, business and sporting fields.
  • Full participation in events such as the Harmony Day, Refugee week etcetera
  • Being proactive in responding to disasters that struck Australia by providing our support in any shape, way or form.
  • For example, in the case of natural disasters such as the Black Saturday, the Federation should act by assisting with the relief efforts, providing financial assistance or issuing a statement to the media.
  • The Federation must have a full functioning website.
  • The Federation should initiate a process whereby talented but disadvantaged Hazara students from third world countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan could be sponsored to Australia so they can get a good quality education and a prosperous career in the future.